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5 ways to get the most out of your massage

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There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a massage - the feeling of warm, essential oils under nurturing hands gently and mindfully willing our muscles into ease and restoration in the comfort and privacy of our very own dedicated treatment room.

Life can get busy. We all feel it. Sometimes so busy that the days become a blur and the weeks fly by, and more often than not, we’ve put ourselves on the bottom of the ‘to-do-list’ again. So when we do prioritise ourselves and book in for that long awaited massage, it’s wise to make the most of the time allocated for you and to get the most out of your experience.

We’ve put together 5 simple tips to consider for your next massage..

The time to relax is when you don’t have
time for it..

Not only does this allow ample time for you to fill out the necessary paper work for your massage therapist, but it allows you the time to begin the relaxation process for yourself. There’s nothing worse than spending the first 20mins of your massage trying to reduce your heart rate or calm a racing mind down after a rushed journey to the spa.

Arriving ten minutes early allows you to slow down the experience altogether, by taking in your surroundings, adjusting to the soft lighting, tuning in to the soothing, calming music you may notice and really becoming present to the whole spa environment.

Ultimately, the environment around you has been designed to bring all of your senses into the current moment and allow you to fully arrive and be ready for the pampering to begin.


Along with preparing your mind for your massage, it’s also important to prepare your body. Throughout your massage, your therapist will use gentle but effective techniques that reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension and will bring you deeper into relaxation.

When the muscles are physically manipulated via massage, the blood flow in and out of these areas is increased, and the circulation of lymphatic fluid around the body improves. This relaxed response from the receptors in the body encourage the chemicals to be released and the build up of toxins within these areas will naturally enter into the blood stream.

As these occur, your body will respond by activating different healthy processes like lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the digestive system - so it’s important to have a well hydrated system before hand, to give your body the hydration it needs for cellular repair.

Drinking 2-3 glasses of water 2 hours before your massage will mean you aren’t busting for the loo and needing to interrupt your appointment.

Hydrating after your massage is also crucial, allowing those toxins to be flushed adequately out of your system and allowing fresh re-hydration of the cells to take place. 2-3 glasses of water is a good amount to assist the body in this elimination of waste.


Have you ever noticed how unsettled and loud a mind can be whilst lying face down on a massage table? We eagerly await our massage for weeks, maybe months and then find ourselves in the treatment room with a racing mind and our attention elsewhere.

To bring yourself back into the present moment, into the current space, bring your attention to your breathing, preferably in and out of the nostrils.

As you inhale, silently count to four..

As you exhale, silently count to six..

The longer you spend focusing on your breath, especially the exhale, the more time you are allowing your body and mind to relax and the easier it will be to quiet those thoughts. You’ll lengthen the times between each breath which automatically works to calm your nervous system.

Taking slow, mindful breaths in and out of the nose for a few minutes will have you feeling more relaxed, your heart rate will steady and your thoughts will be few and far between. Slow, deliberate and calm breathing will allow you to enjoy your time in your massage appointment even more.

The answer to an overthinking mind, is the breath..


Try to avoid planning any commitments straight after your appointment. You’ll be feeling rested and relaxed from your massage, and your mind will be in a particularly calm state.

The last thing you need after a restorative massage is to be thrown into a scene that doesn’t match your current relaxed mood, or to wind up in a stressful situation that undoes all that time spent helping you reduce stress and tension.

Perhaps you’d like to contribute to the already relaxed environment of your mind, body and soul by enjoying a light meal, drinking a cup of herbal tea and reading something that uplifts you as you let go of the day and rest for the next to come.


If you’re lucky enough to have booked your massage in an afternoon or an evening, one way to elongate the relaxation of your massage is to avoid showering until the next morning,

By keeping the oils used by your massage therapist on your body, your skin has more time to soak up the benefits of the treatment, as well as assisting you in falling off to sleep quicker, for a more relaxed and rested night’s sleep.


Do yourself a favour and consider implementing these 5 simple steps to enhance your next massage, and make the most of your time being pampered.

..yours in wellness, eco babe xox