Your time to glow..

We give you the low down on the importance of good skin health with the arrival of a new season.

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With Spring well and truly upon us, you may have noticed a change in your skin’s appearance.

Adapting to the seasonal changes is an integral part of optimum skin health. Recognising the need to alter your skin care routine accordingly will assist with this transition into a new season.

We’ve put together 5 simple tips to consider during this transitional time into the warmer months ahead..

Glowing skin is a result of proper skin care. It means you can wear less makeup, and let your skin shine through.


During winter we notice a lot more dryness in our complexion, so we tend to use more oils, serums and thicker night creams in our skin care ritual.

But when the weather changes, so does our skin. It usually stays more hydrated and retains more moisture throughout the warmer months, so swapping out your heavier creams to lighter, more hydrating moisturisers is key to allowing your skin to breath and transition calmly into this new season.

Drinking 2-3L of fresh, clean water per day will also help to get that glow back in your skin and flush out any unwanted toxins within your system.


Along with adequate hydration, comes the need for exfoliation. Gently removing dead skin cells is vital if we want to uncover fresh, youthful skin.

In winter, the dead skin cells can accumulate on the surface of our skin, creating a greyish, dull appearance.

When we exfoliate the top layer of the skin, we allow for deeper penetration of our skin care products, while also stimulating circulation and blood flow to the area for a fresh, dewy and youthful complexion.

We recommend a good facial scrub that clears and smooths the texture of your skin and sheds those unwanted layers of dead cells in a gentle yet effective way, just like our LA CLINICA MICRO SCRUB.


Regularly booking yourself in for a classic or tailored facial is something your skin will thank you for. Having a Professional give attention on your complexion will allow a personalised approach to targeting any skin conditions you may be experiencing, and will give advice on how to best look after your skin with quality products.

Within a facial, a specialised facial massage is often incorporated by the spa therapist. This massage alone works wonders on tired, lacklustre skin.

The therapist is specifically trained on how to appropriately massage the face using gentle techniques that encourages lymphatic drainage as it flushes out toxins while also promoting circulation of the blood flow under the skin.

A facial will usually be tailored to your own skin’s needs on the day but it’s likely you’ll have a carefully chosen serum or facial oil applied to your skin. These contain a higher concentration of active ingredients meaning they are able to penetrate into the skin deeper, making them extremely effective in their delivery. We recommend a good vitamin oil, like LACLINICA SKIN RELIEF BIO VITAMIN OIL.

Not only does scheduling regular facials mean you have more scheduled time to relax and unwind, but your skin is given the appropriate attention it needs to shine and radiate your individual beauty, from the inside out.

Embrace the natural beauty within you..


There are a wide variety of skin peels available on many beauty salon menus. The key is to find a natural but effective skin peel that suits the needs and goals of your complexion.

It’s not just about shedding the top layer of your skin, and walking out of a day spa red and raw. It’s about targeting those cells deeper underneath the surface and nourishing them enough so that they perform better and give better results.

Peels can in fact make your skin (and the products you use on your skin) work better. In a skin peel, the acid works to lift away dead cells of the skin. Your skin-care products perform better after a peel because there are no dead cells impeding their penetration

At Eco Spa, we have fruit enzyme and glycolic peels to help remove this dead skin and this part of the facial process helps jump start cell turnover, encouraging the growth of new, healthy cells and increasing collagen production, instantly making you look fresher and younger.

Advanced paramedical facial treatments work to target and treat your skin for rejuvenating results, so it’s best to consult with your spa therapist for a personalised and professional treatment.


It’s natural to shed some layers with this new season. We start to wear less heavier fabric and our plates consist of lighter and fresher food.

Do the same with your makeup. Allow your skin to shine through by laying off the heavy foundations - this will give your skin the chance to breathe and you’ll notice fewer blemishes, even within a few days of going bare faced.

Using a light, organic tinted moisturiser that contains a natural SPF is the ideal way to protect the skin from the harsh elements of our sun, while still allowing the regeneration of cells to happen naturally as you aren’t clogging the pores with makeup.


Do yourself a favour and invest time and effort in your skin. Our complexion is the canvas upon which our emotions are expressed. Our skin is our unique protective barrier in this world. Allow your natural beauty to shine through and embrace your uniqueness in this new season.

..yours in wellness, eco babe xox