More than just a massage..

Ever wondered why your massage just felt so good? 3 more reasons to book yourself in.

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Soft lighting, relaxing sounds, the subtle scent of essential oil blends - even describing a massage makes us feel instantly more relaxed.

It’s true what they say: ‘you’re one massage away from a good day’. Massage allows us the time and space to relax and be at peace, emotionally, physically and mentally. But we’re not always aware of the deeper benefits of the ritual of massage.

We’ve outlined 3 lesser-known areas of massage benefits ..

Sometimes, the most important moment in the whole day is the rest we take between two breaths.


Cortisol is the hormone produced by the adrenals, and is mainly released at times of stress. When we are too stressed, we have an imbalance of cortisol rushing around the body, which can wreak havoc on many other areas.

Feeling truly relaxed is a sign the body is well balanced within the nervous system. One way to lower your cortisol, is to have a massage.

Physical touch from a therapist often plays the biggest role in how our body responds in a massage. During massage therapy, a large amount of endorphins are released into the blood stream. When these endorphins attach to opiate receptor neurons, they reduce the intensity of pain in the body by naturally blocking pain messages created by the nervous system.

Another cortisol lowering contributor that often goes hand in hand with massage therapy, is music. You know those soothing, calming melodies you hear deep inside a day spa? The music isn’t just on to fill the silence.

Often you’ll hear traditional instruments, the natural sounds of nature and sometimes even soothing subtle vocals. All of these, work together in harmony to relax the parts of the brain responsible for the nervous system.

Music directly affects how we feel, it plays with our emotions and helps us unwind; therefore the background playlist in your appointment has certainly been given careful consideration, to allow you to relax quickly and get the most out of your time


Gentle or firm; however you prefer the pressure of a massage, your muscles are benefiting on a deeper level. The hands of your massage therapist are working in carefully selected ways to allow your body to relax and unwind, but there’s more going on below the surface.

The gentle manipulation of a muscle is an integral part of allowing it to function, and thrive. Not only does this movement feel relaxing, but it also aids in muscle repair and speeds up muscle recovery.

It is a regular inclusion in sport science surrounding athletic performance and in physical therapy for patients recovering from injuries. Our muscles repair, heal and renew with optimum treatment and healthy manipulation.


The lymphatic system is a network of organs and tissues that assist with the expulsion of toxins, waste and other unwanted material in the body. The first function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph throughout the body - a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells.

During massage, often your therapist will include gentle lymphatic drainage treatment - rhythmical techniques performed to stimulate the circulation of lymphatic fluid around the body. Not only does this technique soothe tired and achy muscles, it also helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system. Detoxing, while you relax.


The next time you’re zoned out, face down in your heavenly massage, remind yourself that the healing is more than skin deep. The techniques by your massage therapist, the soothing, calming music from the speakers, the rejuvenating aromas of oils on your skin; it all adds up to complete a bigger picture in total body function, leading to total body wellness. (All the more reason to justify treating yourself to your next massage!)

..yours in wellness, eco babe xox



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