Your New Year's intentions sorted..

We’ve come up with a list of suggestions for a brighter, lighter 2019..


January is finally here - you survived the silly season! It sure does come and go very quickly. Now that the preparations and celebrations are over, it’s time to get down to business and start this brand new year.

Read on for our suggestions on how to start your 2019 with more vitality, more meaning, more intention, less overload and less clutter. This is your 2019 guide to living lighter, breathing easier and soaking up more magic in each day of 2019, and of course - doing it your way!

365 new days; 365 new beginnings



Have you considered what you want for 2019?

It’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of the busy period and miss the chance to set genuine goals and intentions for your year ahead.

Goal setting is a healthy exercise and can be done at any point in your life - but the beginning of a brand new year is a fantastic time to get clear on what it is you want.

Making a list of short term goals (with long term goals in mind) can be helpful to get this clarity.


A simple yet effective (and satisfying!) tool for you to get clearer on your goals. Vision boarding is a beautiful, aesthetic way in which to channel your focus for these desires and goals, by simply making a collage of images, photos, quotes etc and pinning them alongside one another to form a collection. A collection made solely by you and your imagination.

Making this vision board and keeping it in a place where you’re likely to see it each time you wake up, and multiple times throughout the day is a great way to help anchor down your subconscious toward your goals, towards how you want to feel, toward things you want to achieve and bring into your life - and inevitably seeing this regularly will encourage the mind to expect it as reality.

Make yourself a priority. Fill yourself up so that you can give more to others.


This is your chance to let go of what you should be doing, and pick up the notion of what you really want.

Put yourself first. Make time for the person who matters most in your life. You’ll be a happier person within yourself, a less-stressed parent, a kinder friend and a more driven employee. Your future self will thank you for it.

Start the beginning of 2019 in a way where the version of you in Dec, 2019 will be proud.


It’s likely you’re feeling a little over some things; social gatherings, alcohol, rich, heavy foods, not getting enough sleep etc. so this is the perfect time to reset and find balance.

There are many ways to safely detox and we recommend choosing only one type of detox method at a time. The body has an innate ability to purge on it’s own, when there is too much going on in the system - to detoxify what is no longer needed inside the body, it just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction and a little bit of ongoing support.


Infrared saunas increase the body’s core temperature and as a result create a very deep and detoxifying sweat from within the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed. (click here to learn more).


A safer and less drastic alternative to laxatives, one will often notice less bloating immediately after experiencing colonic hydrotherapy - the perfect way to re-balance and re-hydrate the body after the crazy Christmas season.

Biodynamic Colonics are designed to re-tone, hydrate and cleanse the entire length of the large intestine, flushing out fluids and waste including impacted faecal matter, toxins, mucous, and even parasites, allowing optimum elimination of what the body no longer needs in a gentle and discrete way. (click here to learn more).


There are many techniques practised within massage therapy, but one particular technique is extra detoxifying - the lymphatic or ‘drainage massage’.

This includes gentle rhythmical techniques performed to stimulate the circulation of lymphatic fluid around the body. Not only does this technique soothe tired and achy muscles, it also helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system. Detoxing, while you relax. (click here to learn more).


Dry body brushing is great for shedding dead skin cells (and encouraging new cell renewal), it’s also a great way to connect with your self.

Body brushing helps to bridge that gap between our mind and body.

Our physical form isn’t just for looks. We feel our limbs, we circulate and re-oxygenate the blood beneath the skin and we massage our organs gently from the outside, creating an intentional, moving meditation for the body.

A beautiful exercise for self love, while detoxing the whole body.


Turning your attention to the life around you, how does your external environment feel?

You might have noticed before how seriously good you truly feel after a generous bout of spring cleaning and you’re not the only one. A simple act of ‘de-cluttering’ can really help to lift your mood or lighten how you’re feeling.

What I know for sure is that when you de-clutter – whether it’s in your home, your head, or your heart – it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family.

Without realising, sometimes we forget that what makes up our external environment ultimately will affect our internal one. The cleanliness, and order of what we surround ourselves with each day will have an impact on the clarity of your mind and the tone of your thoughts.

Setting aside some time to mindfully and intentionally donate (or throw away if no longer usable) items in your house that no longer serve a purpose, or bring you joy - will bring a sense of space, clarity and freedom you didn’t know you needed.


Starting small will work best, and soon you’ll be moving from room to room eager to clean everything up.

Places to start with first:

  • purse/wallet/handbag

  • car glovebox

  • front door entry in your home

  • bathroom cabinets

  • kitchen drawers

  • wardrobe

Donating unwanted clothing, old towels, household items etc to organisations that help redistribute items to people in need is a wonderful way to increase the life span of a material object.

It’s very easy to just throw it all in the bin and be done with it. But, before you do, check to see if your local charity shop (animal rescue shelters included!) could find use in your unwanted items first. (click here to learn more).


Sleep is one of the most underrated necessities of human life. In this modern age, we manage to pack so much into our days that it can be hard to fall asleep when our head hits the pillow - and there’s not doubt that less sleep is had surrounding the days before Christmas, and after New Year’s Eve!

Now is the perfect time to set yourself up for a restful sleep cycle that will benefit you on so many levels - how you work throughout the day, your eating habits, the clarity of your thoughts and how you handle stress.

Make a commitment to yourself (and your health) to go to bed at the same time each night (for most people around 10pm is manageable) and rising just after the sun each day (usually 6am is ideal).

This will encourage a regular sleep pattern and sleep bank to build up, allowing all the sleep reserves your body needs to function and thrive at its best.

Make a point of keeping a sleep diary and note the hours you fall asleep and wake up at - you’ll soon realise how much sleep you’re actually getting (or not getting!).



Treat this part of your year as a chance to start fresh!

The beginning of a year is the perfect time to set those goals, reassess what you do and do not need in your life, and make those changes towards your ultimate reality.

Get really clear with yourself. What do you want more of in your life and what are you ready to let go of? Sometimes that means friendships, sometimes that means moving on from a stale career - whatever it is, once you’re clear on it you’re one step closer to moving in a new direction.

Prioritise you, this is your 2019.

..yours in wellness, eco babe xox



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