Your simple and safe DIY detox tips..

Trying to get back into your wellness routine but finding it hard to gain momentum?

Read on for easy tips on taking back control of your health, and detoxing the safe way..

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind sharp and clear.


The festive season is behind us but there’s a good chance some of us are finding it hard to get back into a regular routine. Maybe you’re pretty healthy usually but the Christmas and NYE period has extended a little too far into January.

That’s the thing about Summer here in Australia. The weather is still so beautiful and the hours in the day are long, which allows for more social opportunities and that usually goes hand in hand with over-indulging.

Before we know it, it’ll be Easter and those chocolate eggs will have derailed us altogether.


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves and letting our hair down after a long year; but it’s healthy to find balance when it comes to enjoying ourselves, and compromising our long term health for short term enjoyment.

So, before we continue, congratulate yourself first and foremost for wanting to make a change - for your health, happiness and the vitality of your future self.

Secondly, get clear on your ‘why’, and use that as your foundation for strength throughout your cleanse.


Determine how long you’re wanting to take on your cleanse for, and commit to your time frame with confidence.

It’s important to remember that your strengths and weaknesses will come into play at times like this, so implement wise choices straight away.

Try to avoid planning any commitments around the weekend you might be starting a cleanse or detox.

The last thing you need at the beginning of a cleanse is to be thrown into a scene that doesn’t mirror your current state of mind, or desired outcome.

If you were to commit to not drinking alcohol for one month and you begin this break on a Friday but say yes to socialising after work at the pub, you’re going to run into some very hard tests immediately.

Choose your start day when you’ll be feeling the most prepared; healthy food stocked in the fridge and preferably not too many commitments in your day. Make time for your detox and it will pay off.


Before you begin, ensure you have only healthy food options in your home. Eating light is the key, so you can give your digestive system a break from rich and heavy foods.

Instead, look to nature for inspiration (like the rainbow)..

Suggestions of nutrient dense, but light foods include:

- berries
- watermelon
- lemon
- lime
- grapes
- honeydew melon
- papaya (pawpaw)
- cucumber
- spinach
- asparagus
- beans and peas
- avocado
- mushrooms
- seeds and sprouts
- light oils
- mild seasoning
- unrefined sweeteners (honey)

Choosing to eat only plant based produce is ideal to amplify your results whilst on a cleanse - it allows the body to heal in other ways, whilst not having to digest animal proteins and heavier fats.


Along with preparing your mind for your detox, it’s also important to prepare your body’s elimination system. Throughout your cleanse, your liver will be working to eliminate the toxins and unwanted substances from your body, and you’ll need to drink a lot more water than usual.

As these changes in your system occur, your body will respond by activating different healthy processes like lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the digestive system - so it’s important to have a well hydrated system before hand, to give your body the hydration it needs for cellular repair.

Drinking 2-3 glasses of water within 2 hours of waking each morning, will help to set up a positive cleansing pattern for your day ahead.

Hydrating before, during and after exercise is also crucial, allowing those toxins to be flushed adequately out of your system and allowing fresh re-hydration of the cells to take place. 2-3 glasses of water is a good amount to assist the body in this elimination of waste.


Setting up solid steps to take upon waking every morning, will help get you on the right path each day.

You can follow your own morning ritual if you know it’ll support these goals around your cleanse, otherwise you may adopt some of the following suggestions:


- wake early, with the sun
- drink a full glass of filtered water
- stretch the body after getting out of bed
- rinse your mouth and brush your teeth to remove built up bacteria and toxin within the mouth
- drink a cup of hot water with the fresh juice of a lemon to kickstart your digestion
- write a daily gratitude list of 10 things you’re thankful for
- make a list of things you’d like to accomplish that day
- gently move your body to wake up the spine after a long night of rest and laying horizontally (some yoga or a walk outside is ideal)
- take a 3min shower with cool water to invigorate the skin


The process of hydrating your body from the inside out will double as an internal cleanse. If you can take a yoga class, a gym class or take a brisk walk, you’ll be assisting your skin further by allowing sweat to flush residue from the deepest corners of your body.

It’s important to remember to rinse your face after you’ve exercised, to ensure any sweat, oil and debris is removed from the surface of the skin.


Preparing and drinking a cup of hot water with the juice of a fresh lemon will work to kick-start your digestion first thing in the morning.

Lemon juice acts as a digestive and a detoxifying agent and helps in cleaning the liver, leading to better digestive health, not just in the short term.

As a rich source of vitamin C, lemon juice also protects the body from issues like immune system deficiencies.

Drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning (even when you’re not on a detox) helps to maintain the pH balance of the body.


Juice a few lemons in bulk and pour all the juice into one jug or cup. Add 1/3 of a cup of water and then pour the mixture into an ice tray.

Freeze into ice-cubes and save in an airtight container in the freezer. The next time you want hot water with lemon, especially when you’re half asleep in the morning, pop a ‘lemon ice cube’ into your mug, add hot water and voila!


No, not the chocolate kind! Drinking Peppermint tea after dinner is an amazing way to finish up a day of cleansing.

Naturally, peppermint contains menthol oil and this relaxes the intestinal wall muscles, preventing the restriction of the bile duct and gall bladder, assisting with muscle relaxing.

It helps with eliminating the build-up of gas and assists moving food through the stomach by increasing peristaltic motion.

The easiest way to have peppermint is in the form of herbal tea or if you have it growing fresh in your garden.


To assist in the body’s ability to rid itself of the toxic material, we’ve got to focus on the gut and the intestines.


Biodynamic Colonics are designed to re-tone, hydrate and cleanse the entire length of the large intestine, flushing out fluids and waste including impacted faecal matter, toxins, mucous, and even parasites, allowing optimum elimination of what the body no longer needs in a gentle and discrete way.

Our Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions are the perfect addition to your detox and are far safer and less drastic alternative to laxatives.

You’ll also notice less bloating immediately after experiencing your colonic hydrotherapy. Certainly an incredible way to boost your detox results and really cleanse from the inside out.


Our stimulating ‘Detox and Tone’ body treatment package is designed to accelerate the body’s lymphatic circulation and aid the breakdown process of cellulite accumulation.

Performed from the waist down, this treatment includes our delicious 'Coconut Coffee Detox Scrub', stimulating seaweed mud mask, an invigorating massage, finished with cellulite gel.

The caffeine in this treatment speeds up the metabolism, flushing toxins and reducing water retention from the body, leaving your skin looking tighter, feeling smoother and diminishing the look of cellulite.

Book your Detox and Tone package online today.


What you choose to fuel your body with over the days of your cleanse is very important. Selecting quality foods, over amount will help to give your digestion a break, especially around dinner time.

Often we load up our plates at dinner time, because we’re so hungry from burning energy all day through the act of being ‘busy’.

With your cleanse, it might be suitable for you to eat less at dinner, preferably earlier in the evening so you have a bigger break between your dinner and breakfast the following day.

If you’re feeling the urge to eat a sugary treat after dinner, try to swap it out with a herbal tea (peppermint, as mentioned above) or piece of fruit.

You might not find it appealing before hand, but after your brain has processed the hormone responses (linked with satisfaction) within the body, you’ll be less likely to reach for that chocolate bar or ice-cream afterwards.


To maximise the results and to make the most of your commitment to your self (and your health) while you’re doing a detox, avoid caffeinated tea, coffee and alcohol during this time. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting friends and family. Keep a journal to track your thoughts and feelings as the come up.

Instead of focusing on what you’re doing without, consider what you’re adding to your health,.

You’re taking a stand for your longevity of life.

You’re resetting your digestive system.

You’re treating your body with kindness.

You’re adding more vitality to your complexion.

You’re flushing out your body of unwanted toxins.

You’re rebuilding your own temple, from the inside out.

Take the next step. Prioritise your health. Put your well-being first.

..yours in wellness, eco babe xox