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We LOVE, love!
(and not just on Feb 14th)

Read on for a few interesting facts you may not have known about the health and wellness benefits of being in love, (and how to discover your love language!)..

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..

February 14th is just around the corner, but we’re not too concerned with the big bunches of flowers and expensive jewellery.

We’re more interested in how being with someone, and love itself, makes us feel.

If you’re in a relationship with someone special, Valentine’s Day just might be one of the healthiest days of the year — despite the champagne, cards and chocolate.

This is because ‘being in love’ comes with some serious health benefits, as scientific researchers are now finding out. According to these findings, falling head over heels can improve your health, both mentally and physically.


When you fall in love, that feel good brain chemical associated with reward, known as dopamine, is highly active.

This increase of dopamine in the brain often brings about happier, brighter moods that have people feeling extremely positive and highly appreciated.

Often people will describe this feeling ‘on cloud nine’ at the start of a new relationship because they are literally experiencing elevated moods.

On a cellular level, being in love tends to decrease our stress response, which can in turn lower blood pressure. Studies show strong love, marriage and social ties improve a person’s blood pressure, while isolation and being around strangers usually increases it. The same goes for heart rate.


The affects of loneliness and proper isolation for the human being are well know. We’re meant to be in a community, in a tribe or family where we feel supported, loved, needed and seen.

The feeling of loneliness stimulates anxiety, which is usually mediated by the different neurotransmitters like norepinephrine. Increased inflammation and the activating of pain centres are often a result in isolation related stress.

Also, cortisol and adrenaline levels rise in the body when people feel insecure or threatened, which triggers your body’s stress response. Being in love and feeling close to another person can mitigate anxiety.


Research has shown that people in life long relationships enjoy greater longevity than their single peers.

These life-long benefits are explained by the consistent social and emotional support found within a relationship, better adherence to medical and wellness care, while also having a partner in your life that can keep you accountable to healthy lifestyle behaviours and assisting your away from negative behaviour.

Married couples, or people who have been in the same committed relationship for life have been found to have much lower rates of blood pressure, anxiety, depression and also found to be less likely to experience substance abuse, than their single counterparts.

Age does not protect you from love but love to some extent love protects you from age..
— Jeanne Moreau


Gary Chapman, author of ‘The 5 Love Languages’ showed us a simple and easy way to translate the love between us and the people in our lives.

The five love languages were separated into:






These 5 languages sum up pretty well, how most of us in this world operate and relate to the people in our lives. Usually, we are dominant in one, and may also partially lean into another category.

The interesting thing about Love Languages is that they will differ for both people in the relationship, in how they receive love and how they give love.

Deciphering the Love Languages spoken between a couple can make all the difference.

You might really enjoy showering someone in presents and spoiling them at every chance you get. This would mean your primary love language would be the Giving of Gifts category - however you may receive love yourself in a completely different way.

Words of Affirmation could be your most cherished form of feeling loved (how your primarily receive love the most) but if you aren’t hearing constant verbal affection or being spoken to with affirmative language within your relationship, this may cause you to feel less than appreciated or like your relationship might be lacking in some way.

To use another example, the person you are with might really enjoy doing Kind Acts of Service, simple positive things to help in your everyday life. If your primary Love Language is that of receiving Acts of Service, then this is an incredibly strong and clear translation of love between the two of you.

You are receiving love from someone who is speaking their love to you in the same language.


Quality time with the person we love is quite possibly one of the best ways to experience joy in life. Sharing in an hobby together, or enjoying a combined passion is an incredible way to sustain and build further, the bond between you and someone else.

But not all couples are full time, 24/7 couples. Have you ever noticed how couples of long distance relationships (even international ones) that have committed to a future together, often report on being so happy, even though their partner might not always be around?

This is where Quality over Quantity comes into it.

The quality of your time together really counts. How you choose to spend your time together plays a big role in the chemical bond between you.

‘Date nights’ might seem like a bit of a trend these days, but it’s important to carving out specific time to spend together where you aren’t distracted by the ‘everyday’ of life,

When is the last time you shared a meal together, just the two of you, with no phones or TV or distractions? What about taking a weekend away and sharing some time camping in the wilderness with your own conversations and quiet time together?

Prioritise the person in your life who you share this deep bond and loving commitment with, by giving them the most valuable resource you could possibly give to anyone; your time.


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