Let it all go..

A simple, mindful exercise to release, let go and live lighter

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Sometimes it can feel like we're carrying more than we need to. Upon on our shoulders, inside our minds, within our hearts. Our lives are uniquely beautiful, exhaustingly complicated, intrinsically woven collections of moments and experiences that we love, learn and grow inside of.

From one moment to another, we can be pulled into the past or brought into the future by memories and hopes or worry and regret, and this can all be in the space of a few minutes. So it's no wonder we can feel exhausted at times and like we're holding onto so much.

Emotions are stored in the body, so when we neglect to work through them it's common to experience pain and tension in areas like our shoulders, stomach, hips, neck and back. Gentle exercise and practices like regular massage, colonics, yoga, mindful meditation and dancing are great ways in which the body is given the chance to shake out and move through stored emotion.

We’ve outlined a simple, mindful exercise you can try the next time you feel the weight of the world is sitting a little too heavy on your shoulders..

In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.

It's still somewhat uncharted territory when it comes to the workings of the mind but there are ways in which you can feel a little lighter and live at peace about the past and the future.  Letting go of unwanted, unnecessary energy around less positive memories or worry of too many what ifs will lighten the weight you may be currently feeling.


Simply writing and releasing can create the feeling of letting go. When we write, we unload some of the heaviness that sits in our minds. By seeing the words written down on paper, especially in our own handwriting, it minimises their impact over us in the moment. We visually meet the thoughts that have been circling our minds, sometimes for quite some time. Then as we see them on paper, we can separate ourselves from the words we see in front of us.

Sure, it won't change the past or give certainty of a particular outcome, but it will coerce the mind into relaxing and realising they don't have to come along with you in your mind, and heart every single day.


Find a quiet place in your room or outside, and take the time to begin this practice of releasing and letting go.

Think of one particular thing you'd like to let go of, something that no longer serves your purpose or your passion in this world and something you no longer want to bring with you into your future.

It may be opinions or values that don't sit true to you any more or something you don't want to allow to hold you back going forward toward a goal. Or it may be holding onto past hurt, and emotions that were stirred up in your from something someone said, or an experience you had, and they are weighing you down.

Become present within the current moment.


..and write the thought/situation/experience down. Keep it simple or write your heart out. Look at your hand writing, look at the letters and the ink on the page. 

Really sit with it.

Hold the paper in your hands. Hold the thought or the experience in your mind's eye as you now close down the eyes and gently take some slow, deep breaths. It's natural for emotions to flow into this experience, and when they do, just let them come.

Sit with the experience you are allowing your self to be present in and know that you are safe. Be aware of your physical body in the moment, and release any tension that may be sitting in your jaw or shoulders. 

Emotion is just energy, in motion

If and after emotion has arrived, open your eyes and bring your attention to the simplicity of the words on the page in front of you. Notice the nature of the words as they follow one another. Notice the form of the letters one by one.

See them for what they truly are. Letters, in a word, on a page. Not a story or a feeling. They are just simply words on a page. They no longer dwell in your mind or body only. 


The next stage in the releasing and letting go process is up to you. During the release, visualise the words/thoughts/emotions leaving you. Visualise the words melting away from your mind and body in the current moment and sliding off to the side or toward the horizon, as they are given the distance from where you sit. 


There are many ways you can dispose of the paper and release the attachment to the words;

  • safely lighting the paper with fire and extinguishing into damp sand or a big bowl of water.

  • cleansing the words on the paper with smoke from a smudging stick or incense stick, using careful distance from the paper. Notice the smoke softly wrapping around the paper ends as the heaviness of the words bind with the smoke and are released into the open sky above.

  • tearing up the paper into small pieces or carefully cutting the paper into strips with scissors and recycling the remains.


All methods of releasing the paper are therapeutic beyond measure. The simple act of writing and releasing enables a break in the repetitive action the mind can replay to us over and over.

We become aware of our separation from the words on the page and can take a step back to clear the attachment and move forward, in a freeing and lighter direction.


Becoming aware of the attachment our experiences and thoughts have over us, is the first step in becoming freer from them. Recognising the unconscious act of bringing them into each experience, relationship etc, and then actively choosing to release and let go, will lift your load and leave you with more space in your mind and heart to step into a lighter and brighter present day.

..yours in wellness, eco babe xox