The power of Exfoliation..

An in-depth look into the body’s ability to turn over skin cells through the process of exfoliation (and what you can do to improve your skin’s appearance with exfoliants)..


First, let’s get down to basics.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

Our skin is the body’s most largest (and let’s face it, most obsessed about) organ. This organ is an incredibly hard working part of the human body. It is in a constant state of continuous change, and we know this by observing the cells of the skin on a microscopic level.

As new skin cells are produced, they force the older cells through different layers of the skin back up toward the surface.

This is the natural process of the body, but if left unattended, the surface of our skin can often appear dull and lifeless. Regular exfoliation helps with this removal of unwanted (dead) skin cells by increasing the skin cell turnover and stimulating the creation of new cells below.

Exfoliation is key. It eliminates dead skin cells, polishes the skin, refines pores and smooths out wrinkles.


Did you know that every minute your body sheds around 35,000 dead skin cells? That’s around 20kg throughout the course of your life. Thankfully, these skin cells are invisible to the naked eye.

As we age however, our body’s ability for cell renewal decreases. As the shedding process slows down over time, the outer layer of our skin loses its shine and can look lacklustre and dull. This is where exfoliation is key.


  • Assists in giving the skin a brighter appearance with a more rejuvenated and younger glow.

  • Improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood around the body.

  • It prepares the surface of the skin to receive what you use topically in your skincare regime (toners, serums, moisturisers etc) and gives direct access of these product to living skin cells.

  • Exfoliation stimulates the thickening of the epidermis and dermis which improves fine lines and wrinkles, adding a more plump appearance to the skin.

  • Helps problematic skin (acne, blackheads, and hormonal breakouts) by working to keep the surface of the skin clean by reducing the build up of bacteria.

  • Sun damage can often create thicker skin so exfoliation assists in smoothing the texture.

  • Pigmentation of the skin (darker spots caused by the sun or hormones) is assisted by removing the outer layers of the skin which may lighten these spots or areas.


There are three different types of exfoliation.


Manual exfoliation uses a granular substance, or exfoliation tool and usually comes in the form of an exfoliating liquid/cream scrub, hand brushes, pumice stones or loofahs.

The exfoliating creams are often applied by the finger tips or hands, worked in circular motion, then rinsed off.

This type of exfoliation affects only the outer layer of the skin. You’ll often notice ingredients like seeds, meals, bran, beads and nuts on the back of the packaging.


Electrical exfoliation uses a device or tool designed to create friction on the surface of the skin and polish the outer layer.

This repetitive action, which also follows a circular motion, helps to slough off and vaporise the skin. Micro-dermabrasion, oxygen therapy, laser, ultrasonic and dermal-mapping all come under this category of exfoliation


Chemical exfoliants work to literally dissolve the glue-like substance that holds the skin cells together.

There are two types of fluids concerning cells, one being the intra-cellular and the other, extra-cellular. Intra-cellular is the fluid found in the cell. The extra-cellular fluid is found between the cells. It contains plasma, milk and some other liquids.

Chemical exfoliation penetrates below the outermost layers of the skin right down into the deeper dermal layers and effectively removes excess dead skin cells.

Vitamin A peels, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), fruit acids and enzymes are all in this category of exfoliation. They effectively dissolve and digest the skin cells, breaking down the cellular glue that holds the skin together.


Be mindful not to exfoliate too often or use an exfoliant that’s too harsh for your skin, or it could become dry, red and irritated.

It’s important to remember the skin is delicate, (including all layers) so try not to be overzealous and do too much scrubbing, tearing and rubbing.

For most skin types, regular exfoliation (two to three times per week) is ideal to ensure a healthy turnover of cells and to replenish that youthful appearance of fresh skin on a consistent basis.

Keep an eye out for exfoliation creams/scrubs that include little particles that are spherical in shape, especially for your face to tiny micro-tears in the at the epidermis.


Exfoliation really does make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin, but not only to your face.

The backs of your arms, back of legs, upper back/shoulder region and your décolletage are areas which can do with regular exfoliation too.

The build up of sweat, daily debris and those free radicals that are proven to be in the air, all sit on the surface of your skin and will eventually find their way into the top layer of the skin, mainly your pores.

Regular exfoliation of these areas will ensure a smoother texture, brighter tone and a healthier glow along with increasing circulation all over the body.


At Eco Spa, many of our full body treatments contain luxuriously relaxing full body scrubs to bring your skin back to life.

A favourite in the spa (for good reason) is the BALINESE BOREH EXFOLIATING BODY RITUAL.

Balinese Boreh is a traditional Balinese healing and restorative total body treatment, combining a heavenly Traditional Balinese Massage, Exfoliation and Body Mask using organic ginger, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg.

Our Balinese Boreh Exfoliating Body Ritual promotes the release of toxins, clears the pores and smoothes the skin whilst delivering a profound sense of relaxation.

Your skin will be left feeling delightfully fresh, refined and hydrated, with your energy levels enhanced.

Another beautiful favourite is the RAW SCRUB treatment.

Our Raw Scrub Ritual is a customised full body scrub combining the highest of quality, organic and raw ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely flawless. Your therapist will expertly blend a treatment scrub to target a range of skin concerns to compliment your skin - deep exfoliation, hydration, invigoration, or detoxification.


Our skin is the canvas upon which our internal environment is projected, so we want it to feel and look as healthy as possible. Our skin is our unique protective barrier in this world, so it’s important to have it working the best that it can.

Do yourself a favour and invest time and energy in the largest organ of your body, your skin.

..yours in wellness, eco babe xox