Our external affects our internal..

Everyday stress, our foods we consume, environmental factors and the overwhelm that naturally occurs in life, will eventually translate into the body as tension and discomfort. This stagnant energy builds up over time, and if left untreated can develop into chronic pain. We hold most of our tension in our neck and shoulders, which leads to headaches and further tension in the face and brow region. Regular attention on the body, in the way of massage and body treatments can soothe, calm and relax the muscles, alleviating pain and allowing the muscles time for rest, repair and recovery.


Offered by nature, for us

Why not use what has been given to us? Nature has provided a wealth of healing properties in so many forms. These are incredible tools for us to use in our everyday life, to enhance our own unique beauty.


Living in harmony with nature, is living in tune with your natural state of being.


Uniquely you..

Our body treatments are suitable for all skin types. Whether your skin needs exfoliation and hydration or detoxification and relaxation, our treatments are designed to suit all.

Wellness Boost..

A session in our full spectrum infrared sauna is a sublime addition to any one of our spa body treatments. For just $39, it's certainly a relaxing way to boost the benefits of your time with us here at Eco Spa.





Looking for something special? Come and indulge yourself in our deeply relaxing cocoon body wrap to unwind, quieten the mind and soothe the soul. Enjoy a full body coconut & honey body scrub, followed by a hydrating full body mask. This wrap is then beautifully finished off with your choice of a gentle or firm back massage to soothe and calm your spirit. 




Feeling sluggish or bloated? This stimulating detox treatment is designed to accelerate the body’s lymphatic circulation and aid the breakdown process of cellulite accumulation. Performed from the waist down, this treatment includes our delicious 'Coconut Coffee Detox Scrub', stimulating seaweed mud mask, an invigorating massage, finished with cellulite gel. The caffeine in this treatment speeds up the metabolism, flushing toxins and reducing water retention from the body, leaving your skin looking tighter, feeling smoother and diminishing the look of cellulite. 




Balinese Boreh is a traditional Balinese healing and restorative total body treatment, combining a heavenly Traditional Balinese Massage, Exfoliation and Body Mask using organic ginger, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg. 
Our Balinese Boreh Exfoliating Body Ritual promotes the release of toxins, clears the pores and smoothes the skin whilst delivering a profound sense of relaxation. 
Your skin will be left feeling delightfully fresh, refined and hydrated, with your energy levels enhanced.




A customized full body scrub combining the highest of quality, organic and raw ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely flawless. Your therapist will expertly blend a treatment scrub to target a range of skin concerns to compliment your skin - deep exfoliation, hydration, invigoration, or detoxification.


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